The e3 Work Visa | Allowing Australians to Work in the USA

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If you’re an Australian citizen trying to get an e3 work visa for a job in the USA, then you’re in the right place.

This site has everything Australian professionals need to know about the e3 work visa. Our mission is to bring you the most comprehensive resources, best information and latest updates about e3 work visas. But before you get started, here are some of the basics:

The e3 work visa: Your Ticket To Working in America

Since it was approved in 2005, the e3 work visa has exclusively allowed professional Australian nationals to get jobs in the USA. The visa was created out of Australia’s AUSFTA agreement with America. But it’s not formally part of the treaty itself.

The e3 visa offers a win-win proposition for everyone involved. Australian workers get great jobs and US employers get some of the country’s best and brightest minds. Both nations also can flourish as a result.

Annually, 10,500 e3 work visas are issued to Australian citizens wanting work in the USA. The e3 is similar to the H1B visa for specialty occupations. In fact, the e3 visa requirements and eligible e3 job categories are virtually identical. And the process by which you get an e3 visa begins the same way — by getting hired for a job with a sponsoring U.S. employer. Looking for e3 visa jobs? >>Start Here

Benefits of an e3 Work Visa

The visa offers some significant advantages when compared to other U.S. non-immigrant work visas. For example, e3 spouses also can work unrestricted in the USA. This alone is a significant difference from work visas like the Tn1 and even the H1B. Both require spouses to obtain separate working permits if they aren’t U.S. citizens or permanent residents. e3 work visa spouses and children don’t count toward the cap total. Spouses also don’t have to be Australian citizens.

The visa is also renewable every two years for an indefinite period of time. So you can basically work on it for as long as you’re employed. By contrast, the H1B visa is valid for up to 10 years. However, you should note that the e3 visa is not a dual-intent visa, so applicants must reasonably demonstrate non-immigrant intent before they can get one.

Filing fees for this type of visa are also significantly lower than the ones for the H1B. And while the e3 visa technically is a temporary work permit, it’s renewable every two years; meaning you can remain in the U.S. indefinitely so long as you’re employed with the sponsoring company.

So are you ready to start searching for e3 work visa-eligible jobs? We’ve compiled an expansive list of e3 visa resources to help you embark on your journey to living and working in the USA. >>Begin Here


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