e3 Visa Fees

e3 visa fees 300x200 e3 Visa FeesAnother great advantage of the e3 visa over some other types of visas (particularly the H1B visa) is that the e3 visa fees aren’t quite as high. While the US Department of State adjusted the fees for most non-immigrant visa categories upward in April of 2012, the e3 was actually adjusted downward.

e3 visa fees: Non-Immigrant Visa Processing Fees for the E3

As it currently stands, e3 visa fees (or non-immigrant visa processing fees for the e3 visa) cost $270, which were lowered from $390. Note that this fee is considered standard and non refundable.

No additional issuance fees exist, and there’s no cost to the employer, because there’s no filing fee for the LCA. USCIS and AWCIA fees are eliminated, and premium processing isn’t an option (the process is completely different).

e3 visa fees: Other Fees relevant to the USA e3 work visa

As with most things in life, though, there is always a “but” that arises just when you think things are done. There are a few other fees that exist in relation to the e3 that you’ll end up paying before the whole process is complete. And if you have a spouse and dependents, then the price can rise a bit as well.

Generally speaking, you’ll be paying $100 for the visa issuance fee, and doubling this if a spouse intends to accompany you. This e3 visa fee can vary according to the current rate of reciprocity by country, though, so you’ll want to check the most current data before budgeting for your fees.

You’ll also end up paying a $131 consular application fee, which again will double with a spouse. And if your spouse intends to work via the i765, it will also cost an extra $340.

All in all, then, you’ll end up spending a little more than $1000 in fees to get an e3 visa. However, considering that the H1B can cost somewhere in the ballpark of $4,000 (with premium processing), the E3 work visa offers a clear advantage in terms of the associated e3 visa fees that are involved.

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