e3 Visa Interview

e3 visa interview questions 300x267 e3 Visa InterviewAssuming you’ve gathered and prepared all the relevant e3 visa documents, you should already be fairly well prepared for your e3 Visa Interview. However, people are often curious about how the interview process works and what kind of e3 visa interview questions they’ll be asked. Read on to find out more about how your e3 visa interview will likely go.

e3 visa interview: Arriving at the U.S. Consulate

Before you leave to whatever consulate it is that you’ve scheduled your interview (be it the one in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth), make sure you have every bit of documentation that you’ll need. Check, double-check and triple check that you have everything. The last thing you want to do is have to schedule another trip and again deal with all the red tape.

Upon arriving, you’ll want to find good parking that can accommodate your vehicle for more than 3 hours — this is a lengthy process, so don’t park in loading zones, at meters, or in temporary parking spots. You’re already going to be paying some money in terms of visa fees, so it makes no sense to rack up a sizable parking fine on top of it. You also don’t want to worry about having to exit the consulate to feed a meter since security is tight.

Speaking of security — when you enter the consulate, you’ll likely have to stand in line at a security checkpoint. You’ll be called as part of a small group to register via computer, and you’ll need to submit your passport number and name in exchange for a printed badge. Then you’ll have to empty your pockets and go through an x-ray machine and metal detector. Your electronic devices, keys and some other items may be held at this point to await your return — you should be given a ticket or a number to retrieve them. Once you’ve passed through security and registered, though, you’ll be ready for the next step.

e3 Visa Interview: Answering E3 Visa Interview Questions

Essentially, the e3 visa interview happens in two distinct steps. The first step is really very simple — you hand over all your documentation, and you might be asked to provide a few basic bits of information. You’ll then be asked to return to your seat until you’re called again.

During the second phase, though, you’ll be subjected to a much more lengthy interview. In the course of the e3 visa interview, visa candidates are often asked to provide a great deal of information regarding their future employment. Typical e3 visa interview questions concern the nature of the company that’s sponsoring you, and what your role in the company will be. You’ll also be asked to outline your qualifications and experience, and you’ll have to provide details about your spouse and dependents (if applicable). You may also be asked to demonstrate your ties to the country in terms of financial accounts or property to satisfy the “non-immigrant intent” requirement of the visa.

The e3 visa interview question process can really be relatively quick or very lengthy, depending on the discretion of your interviewer and the nature of your circumstances. However, candidates who don’t have strong ties to the country or who don’t possess the U.S. equivalent of a bachelor’s degree (minimum) are the ones who are most likely to experience a lengthy interrogation. If you have a lot of dependents, are a non-native Australian citizen, or are being sponsored by a smaller company, then you may also have to answer more e3 visa interview questions than you would otherwise.

Assuming you pass the e3 visa interview, your interviewer will then hold onto your visa and it will most likely be mailed back to you within a week. Reportedly, the visa will likely be stamped with the date of your interview, so you’ll pretty much be ready to leave the next day to work at your new e3 visa job if you so choose.

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